Our Mission:

Safer, Stronger Communities - Safe, Effective Firefighters

Our Aims

It is important for us to have:

  • Excellent Operational Preparedness
    Providing our Firefighters with training, information, procedures and equipment to ensure they can safely resolve emergency incidents.

  • Excellent Operational Response
    To maintain an excellent emergency response to meet risk across Merseyside with safety and effectiveness at its core.

  • Excellent Prevention and Protection
    Working with partners and our community to protect the most vulnerable.

  • Excellent People
    We will develop and value all our employees, respecting diversity, promoting opportunity and equality for all.

Our Core Values

These shape what we do:

  • Make a positive difference to our community
  • Provide excellent and affordable response
  • Respect our environment
  • Everyone matters
  • Our people are the best they can be

Our Personal Values

These shape how we do it:

  • Responsibility
    Being self‐disciplined, taking ownership of issues and problems, making things happen, trying to make a difference. Lead by example.
  • Social Empathy
    Being interested in people, displaying empathy, embracing diversity, community focussed. Community is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Constructive Challenge
    Being willing to challenge but not obstructively, commitment to improvement. Creative.

  • Mutuality
    Identifying with team, organisation and community, displaying team commitment, willing to stand up against peer pressure when appropriate, acknowledging others’ rights to differing opinions.

  • Pragmatism
    Aspiring to excellence whilst being realistic in expectations, being practical and solution focused.

  • Openness to Experience
    Receptive to learning opportunities and personal development, seeking out new experiences, interested in people and situations that are less familiar, taking a broad view of things.