Operational Intelligence

The Team is managed by Watch Manager Control. Operational Intelligence is responsible for the quality assurance of key data sets involving risk, properties, people and incident records.

Operational Intelligence supports a corporate wide approach to best practice regarding data management and supports and maintains the mobilising system for Fire Control and Operational crews. Working with Operational Preparedness and Response ensures the correct resource is sent to specific incident types and Procedures are followed in accordance to Standard Operational Procedures and Service Instructions.

The Operational Intelligence Team is responsible for:

  • Vision/ICCS - Mobilising system used by Fire Control to accept calls and record incidents, and to mobilise nearest resources required depending on the incident type. Create Action Plans in accordance with SOPs or Service Instructions. Maintain telephone contacts for other agencies.
  • IRS (Incident Recording System) - Completed by crews post incident to record the details of the incident for statistical purposes and a legal document/recording of the incident. Published monthly to Home Office.
  • SSRI (Site Specific Risk Information) - Formatting of data provided by crews for use on MDT (Mobile Data Terminals) on appliances and provision of site and CAD plans (Computer Aided Design). Creating files conforming to Address Base standards with each property having their own UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number).
  • SOFSA (Simple Operational Fire Safety Assessment) – Risk information gathered during a visit by Protection Team and Operational crews transferred onto mobilising system for responding crews to reduce Firefighter injury at scene.
  • RM1 Information (Risk Management Information) - Following on from Home Fire Safety Checks if a risk is identified be it to the property or the person, then an RM1 form is completed and the information is transferred onto the Vision Mobilising system for crews and Control staff to have access to should an incident occur in the future.
  • Provision of records and voice recordings- Following GDPR guidance, provide records and recordings of 999 emergency calls to Police for criminal investigation purposes.