Fire Facilities

  • The Fire House
    We have live fire capability through the fire house which can burn carbonaceous fires. The fire house also has heaters and smoke generators and can be used for a multiplicity of exercises.

  • Fire Behaviour Unit
    There is also the Fire Behaviour unit which can also burn carbonaceous fires and are used primarily for fire behaviour training. They can also be used as hot fire training for industrial teams as the units are mocked up to resemble industrial premises and maritime risks.

  • Realistic Fire Training Building
    The Realistic Fire Training Building (RFTB) is powered by LPG. This gives us the facility to train in a variety of ways within a large training building for multiple scenarios including compartment fire and fire behaviour training. It has multiple levels and entry and can be simulated as a ship or industrial unit amongst other possible scenarios.
  • Fire Spread Area
    There is the fire spread area with three LPG powered props for industrial fire training involving a wall of fire for team worked approaches using twin fire hose and a leaking flange fire that simulates an ignited flange fire. We also have a large LPG powered oil spill tray for training in large scale foam attacks.

  • RTC Area
    We have an area dedicated to road traffic collision training with multiple cars and LGV.

  • Confined Space
    Above and below sewers and tunnels training.

  • LGV Training Area
    Large driver training areas for reversing and slow movement training.

  • Search and Rescue Training Area
    We have extensive grounds to simulate search and rescue scenarios and training a Urban Search facility to simulate rescues from collapses and entrapments.

  • Ladder Training
    The ubiquitous tower for ladder training and rope rescue is available.