After An Incident - What Do I Do Now?

Please see below for more information, guidance, and advice after an emergency in residential and commercial premises.

When we leave 

If you are reading this, it is likely that you have experienced a fire or flooding at your property.
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service (MFRS) will have responded as quickly as possible to your emergency, but we understand that when firefighters leave, you must cope with the aftermath.
Having a serious incident in your property is a traumatic experience and MFRS can only do so much to limit the damage.
We hope that the information in this leaflet will help you to deal with the immediate situation and guide you towards other agencies and sources of advice and assistance.

Safety checklist


If you have any concerns about the health of anyone involved in the incident, call the free NHS advice line on 111. Call 999 if it is an emergency.

Your Property

Do not enter any restricted areas. If police have restricted areas of your property, ask permission before entering those areas or removing items. Follow any instructions from Building Control officers closely.

Electricity, Gas, Water

Do not turn on any utilities that have been shut off until they have been checked by a qualified person.
Do not use any gas or electrical appliances that have come into contact with fire or water until they have been checked by a qualified person.

Food and Medicine

Do not take any risks with food or medicine that may have been damaged or contaminated. Contact your GP if prescription medicines have been damaged.
If you are unsure, dispose of the items and get replacements where necessary.
Contact NHS Direct if you have concerns about disposing of medicine. Please call 111 for free advice.


Contact your insurance company as soon as you can and follow their advice.
You will need the incident reference number on the front of this leaflet when you are making any insurance enquiries - please keep this number safe.
If your insurance policy has been damaged or destroyed, ask them to send you a replacement copy.
You will need to complete a claim form. Your insurer may wish to inspect your premises before anything is moved or cleared away.
Keep or retrieve receipts if you can and if possible, take photos of important damaged items.
To request an incident report from the Fire & Rescue Service, please call 0151 296 4426 or email Please be advised that there is normally a charge for the report.

Home Fire Safety Checks

After a fire in a residential property, firefighters will conduct a Home Fire Safety Check (HFSC) to check for fire risks and give you safety advice.
Firefighters will install smoke alarms if there is the need to do so and check for any other fire safety risks.
You should install a Carbon Monoxide detector with an audible alarm. Carbon Monoxide is an odourless, colourless poison which can take effect in minutes and can cause serious illness and death.
For more information on fire safety, please call 0800 731 5958 for free advice.

Incident Information

If you require any other information about the incident, including written confirmation that the incident occurred, please call 0151 296 4426 or email