We are Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service

Our Story:
There is nothing more tragic to us than loss of life so we will do everything we can to prevent this happening. Saving lives and keeping our firefighters safe matters to us.

We are a team of diverse people undertaking different roles but working together to achieve outstanding impact.

We are part of our community - it’s where we are from, it’s where we have brought up our families. We reflect our area - looking after each other and showing kindness.

Our teams continue to shape our story putting our community at the heart of everything we do.

We have a long and proud history of being bold - a mindset of let’s try it - let’s do it.

For Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, good enough is never good enough.

We are our community and we know the part we can play - our place, our culture and our people are what make us great.

Our Vision:
To be the best Fire & Rescue Service in the UK. One team, putting its communities first.

We are one team, leading the way - saving, protecting and improving lives - helping those who need us, with compassion and kindness.
We are driven to transform the lives of our communities.
Our ambition is to tackle the inequality that puts our most vulnerable at risk. The passion to help burns within our people and places us in the hearts of our communities - ever present, ever ready to serve.

Our Purpose:
Here to serve. Here to protect. Here to keep you safe.

This captures the essence of public service- there is a higher purpose to what we do. We strive to do the right thing at all times and set ourselves high standards as the people of Merseyside deserve it.

Our Aims

  • Protect
    We protect people from harm
    , provide advice, guidance and when absolutely necessary use enforcement to keep the public and our firefighters safe.
  • Prevent
    We are there for you.
    We are a visible presence that provides reassurance, support and advice. Alongside our partners, we protect the most vulnerable and reduce inequalities.
  • Prepare
    We will always be the best that we can be by having highly skilled and trained people who plan for every risk and keep our teams safe and effective.
  • Respond
    We will be there when you need us most, pulling out all the stops to save lives. Whether we are taking 999 calls, or attending incidents, we keep our communities safe.

Our Service

  • We are bold
    Embracing new ideas to build on the confidence and trust the community place in us.
  • We are professional
    Always giving our best to the best we can be.
  • We are safe
    Protecting lives and keeping our firefighters safe.
  • We are built to help
    Looking after people and looking after each other.
  • We are positive
    Recognising how far we have come and being positive about the future.
  • We are relentless
    Overcoming barriers to help people feel safe.

Leadership, Values, and Behaviours

Our Leadership Message and Values have been created by our own staff, ensuring that it fully reflects what it means to be part of Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service.  There are also a number of key documents that have informed our Leadership Message, these are outlined below.

Our Values

We serve with COURAGE

  • By never settling for the status quo
  • By being decisive and calm under pressure
  • By having determination to see things through
  • By being prepared to fail
  • By celebrating diversity and being open to new opportunities and challenges
  • By setting high standards and not being embarrassed for doing so
  • By challenging ourselves to be better

We serve with INTEGRITY

  • By doing the right thing even when it is hard or no one is looking
  • By leading by example
  • By standing up for what matters
  • By being open, honest and fair
  • By making decisions based on facts
  • By explaining the why
  • By being consistent
  • By always doing what we say we are going to do

We serve with COMPASSION

  • By acting with empathy and kindness
  • By actively listening - hearing what is being said
  • By going the extra mile to help
  • By looking after and supporting each other, noticing what is going on for people
  • By recognising each other's contribution
  • By creating a sense of belonging
  • By embracing and understanding difference

You can find out more in our People Plan here.