Sports & Social Club

The Club Officers

Eddie Parry – Chair 07930 325226
Matt Scott – Secretary 07930 325224
Andy Williamson – Treasurer 07930 325225
Tracey Bartley – Lottery 07779 599664
Alan Pendleton – Vice Chair/Equipment 07930 325227

Key Responsibilities

  • To encourage the promotion of activities on and off Stations for all members and hon.-members of the Sports & Social Club, and help provide the equipment to enable its success.
  • To share and distribute all relevant information for the opportunities and benefits to members.
  • To encourage department/stations involvement and assist the formation of Sporting Sections, or Activity Groups to compete or attend any authorised FSSAA District or FSSAA National events, and assist with the means of attending these events whenever possible.
  • To promote the Club by any means at our disposal, also to ensure and maintain the good name of our Club.


The Sports & Social Club has many sections, open to all members and Honorable members of the Club. Information regarding all our Sections Secretaries is available in the Sports & Social Club Diary, for any other information contact the Club Secretary Neil Seddon.

Other Information

    • The Sports & Social Club runs its own members Lottery, which is drawn every Month.
    • Members are encouraged to join the Clubs Death Benefit scheme,
    • Life Insurance and Travel insurance schemes, is offered at a discount rate through the Sports & Social Club Insurance Brokers.
    • Contacting Andy Williamson (Death Benefit scheme) will enable you to obtain information regarding the Death Benefit scheme
    • Contacting Paul Trueman (Life/Travel Insurance) will provide a contact number.