Operational Procedure Review Team

The Operational Procedure Review Team (OPRT) develops and maintains a suite of operational doctrine, including Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs), Operational Risk Assessments and Supporting Guidance aligned to Fire Service National Operational Guidance (NOG) methodology and content.

The SOPs provide the information and detailed guidance necessary to assist Incident Commanders in dealing with incidents by effectively mitigating/controlling risk to fire and rescue personnel, partner agencies and members of the public.

Other key areas of OPRT are to continually review NOG to ensure policy and training is current and relevant and update the Services SOPs which ensures our Operational crews are sighted on the most up to date guidance.

The Team is presently revising the Services ELearning packages to reflect the changes to the SOPs, this ensures that our Operational personnel are sighted on changes to procedures to ensure that they are Safe, Effective Firefighters.