Operational Resources

Operational Resources(Operational Equipment, based in the Engineering Centre forms an integral part of Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service's operational and non-operational response, activities, initiatives and services and aims to support these requirements to ensure these capabilities are maintained. The Centre aims to ensure that personnel are equipped with the best means available to support not only the Fire & Rescue operations but all the core responsibilities expected of a modern Fire & Rescue Service.

The Operational Equipment Team is managed by experienced officers supported by administrative and technical personnel.

The responsibilities of the team range from:

  • The asset management for all operational equipment and PPE.
  • The management and scheduling of equipment maintenance, servicing and repairs.
  • The preparation and management of the Services equipment revenue and capital budgets.
  • The production of technical instructions, risk and Equality Impact Assessments (EIA).
  • Assist in informal and formal investigations with reference to operational equipment and PPE.
  • Research and development through to the procurement and introduction of new equipment and PPE.

Key partner engagement forms a vital element of our work ensuring all relevant internal and external stakeholders are consulted and / or informed on the procedural, training, use and maintenance of such assets.

  • Maintenance, testing, servicing and repair of a range of operational equipment including breathing apparatus (BA), gas tight suits, resuscitation sets, air cylinders, compressors, BA ancillary equipment, hydraulic rescue equipment, rope access equipment and water rescue equipment.
  • Maintenance of accurate records of all equipment servicing and repairs.
  • Monitoring stocks of spare operational equipment.
  • Liaison with external contractors regarding repair and testing of specialist equipment.

Liaison with transport staff to determine emergency response vehicle specifications and stowage solutions.

Liaison with procurement team, to ensure compliance with contract standing orders when undertaking the introduction and purchase of new PPE and equipment and to assist with contract negotiations with manufacturer/suppliers.

The breathing apparatus (BA) department and operational stores provide a high quality technical capability and are responsible for:

Clothing & Other Equipment Stores

The stores team provide the care, safe custody and delivery of clothing and other equipment required to maintain operational efficiency.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Manage, record and monitor all stock transactions.
  • Ensure adequate stock levels are maintained and subject to regular independent physical audits.
  • All goods are ordered in accordance with the Authority’s financial regulations.
  • Management of internal courier service.
  • Management of Service's pool fleet of ancillary vehicles.