Transport & Workshops

Our Engineering Centre forms an integral part of Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service's operational and non- operational response, activities, initiatives and services and aims to support these requirements to ensure these capabilities are maintained. The Centre aims to ensure that personnel are equipped with the best means available to support not only the Fire & Rescue operations but all the core responsibilities expected of a modern Fire & Rescue Service.

The Transport Workshop Department has a Management team with extensive experience in Fleet Management and are supported by a highly trained Technical and Administrative team.

The department ensures that the MFRS fleet is compliant with Road Traffic Legislation and the fleet is maintained to DVSA, FTA and NFCC best practice standards.

The Transport Workshop Department provides and maintains a high quality fleet, comprising of Fire Appliances, Special Appliances, Marine fleet, Ancillary vehicles, and other specialist plant and equipment. These are maintained in a modern workshop to the highest standard to provide reliability and to ensure all our staff is provided with safe and effective vehicles and equipment to successfully perform their duties.

The department works in collaboration with other MFRS departments in the development of new vehicles and equipment to meet the changing needs of the Service. Working with H&S and EDI in mind, we ensure our staff are provided with the best vehicles and equipment possible.