Road Traffic Collisions (RTC)

People involved in road traffic collisions in Merseyside can be assured of a prompt and effective response. Our response standard in relation to road traffic collisions where persons are reportedly trapped is an attendance at the incident within 10 minutes of the first notification.

We aim to achieve this standard on 90% of occasions. Our response is supplemented by the deployment of the Search and Rescue Team to all road traffic collisions. The Search and Rescue Team are trained in specialist skills to the highest national standards and significantly enhance our ability to safely free people who are trapped.

We recognise that although we attend relatively few road traffic collisions where people are trapped, a high level of deaths and injuries are sustained in these incidents. As a Fire and Rescue Service we recognise that we are well placed to address this and influence behaviour. You can find out more about the work we do to promote road safety on our Road Safety page.