Barn Fire, WIdnes


Location: Widnes

Fire crews have been called to a large fire at a barn on Joy Lane, off Clock Face Road, Widnes. 

Five Fire Engines and a High Volume Pump are in attendance. Crews were alerted at 22.29 and on scene at 22.46. 

Crews arrived to find a barn around 20 x 30 metres well alight with multiple vehicles inside. Crews began to fight the fire with a hose reel jet and a main branch hose while establishing a water supply and requested a High Volume Pump (HVP) to secure effective water supply.

The incident has been sectorised and water supplies have now been established from the main road. Fire fighters are fighting the fire externally wearing breathing apparatus where required with high pressure hose reels. However water pressure remains low so firefighters have requested further pumps to ensure water supply which will bring attendance up to 8 fire engines.

The incident is ongoing.  

UPDATE: 8.30 am Tuesday 12 January 

Firefighters have continued fighting the fire, believed to involve up to 20 vehicles in the barn throughout the night. The incident has now been scaled down significantly but firefighters remain on scene to ensure it is fully extinguished.