Fire on a ship in Canada Dock


Location: Canada Dock, Bank Hall, Regent Road

Firefighters are in attendance at a fire on a ship in Canada Dock, Regent Road, Kirkdale.

Crews were alerted at 10.54pm and on scene at 10.57pm. Six fire engines are currently in attendance.

On arrival, crews found a large fire involving a quantity of scrap metal in part of a ship's cargo hold.

The incident has been sectorised. Crews are using three main branches to tackle the fire.

Crews are working alongside the ship's own firefighting team and port police are also in attendance.

There are no reports of any casualties in connection with this incident.

The incident is ongoing.

UPDATE: Monday, 23rd November, 1am

Firefighting continues on board the ship with crews making very good progress.

MFRS are likely to retain a presence at the scene through the early hours. 

The incident is ongoing.