Industrial Fire, St Helens


Location: St Helens

Fire crews are in attendance at an industrial site on Stafford Road in St. Helens this morning. 

Crews were alerted at 7.36 and on scene at 7.44am, with 4 fire engines currently in attendance.

Crews arrived to find on site staff fighting a fire and are now taking over from the on site staff. The fire involves a furnace containing molten glass and on the first floor of a factory.

Firefighters have established water supplies and are now fighting the fire wearing breathing apparatus with 2 main branch hoses in order to cool the glass furnace.

The incident has been sectorised and is ongoing. More information to follow.


There are now 8 fire engines in attendance and there are 6 firefighters wearing breathing apparatus fighting the fire with 3 main jet hoses. The area involved is approximately 10 metres by 8 metres in area.


Firefighters have used 4 main jet hoses to cool and suppress the molten glass and have successfully contained it. A multi agency meeting has taken place and water run-off has also been contained and remains on site.  


Firefighters continued to provide continuous cooling to the affected area, monitored temperature levels to ensure they are within acceptable limits and liased with on site staff using equipment to maintain cool temperatures. Firefighters left the incident at 1.44PM.