Nightclub fire in Liverpool


Location: Berry Street, Liverpool City Centre

Firefighters are currently in attendance at a large fire involving a two-storey nightclub building in Berry Street, Liverpool.

Crews were alerted at 4.44am and on scene at 4.49am. Ten fire engines and an aerial appliance are currently in attendance.

On arrival, crews found an area of more than 20 x 20 metres to be well alight.

The incident has been sectorised with firefighters wearing breathing apparatus carrying out external firefighting using main jets and the aerial appliance being set up.

There are not thought to be any injuries in relation to this incident.

Merseyside Police are also in attendance and roads closures are in place on Berry Street from Duke Street to Renshaw Street.

Due to the high volume of smoke in the area, nearby residents and businesses are advised to keep their windows and doors shut. Anyone with existing medical conditions should keep medicines close by and call NHS 111 if ill effects occur.

The incident is ongoing.

UPDATE 7.10am:

Firefighting continues at the Berry Street nightclub and road closures are still in place.

The combined platform ladder is applying water from above and main branches and a hose reel branch are in use.

MFRS Group Manager, Dean Bolton, speaking at the scene, said: "When we arrived, the fire was well alight so we have done very well to contain it to the original property.

"Using a number of main branches and the combined platform ladder, we have been able to prevent spread into any other buildings."

The incident is ongoing.


Firefighters have worked hard to get the fire at the nightclub in Berry Street under control.

MFRS Assistant Chief Fire Officer Dave Mottram said: "Our crews have done an amazing job in getting this fire under control so quickly and effectively.

"In challenging circumstances - given the property’s close proximity to other buildings - crews successfully contained the fire to the original property.

"The speed of crews’ response and firefighting actions ensured the fire – which was well alight on our arrival - did not spread further."

The roof and internal floors of the building have collapsed and firefighting continues from outside.

The incident is ongoing and road closures remain in place.