One person released from car, Mossley Hill


Location: Elmswood Road, Mossley Hill

Firefighters were called to Elmswood Road, Mossley Hill, on Monday 27th January following reports of a road traffic collision.

Crews were alerted at 5.48pm and on scene at 5.55pm. Two fire engines attended as well as the search and rescue team.

On arrival crews found two vehicles had been involved in a collision. Both were on all four wheels.

One person had self extricated from the first vehicle when crews arrived. One person had also self extricated from the second vehicle, but one person remained inside.

Firefighters used e-draulic cutting equipment and spreaders to remove the door of the second vehicle to allow paramedics to assess the person inside.

Crews then removed the roof of the vehicle following advise from paramedics. The casualty was then released from the vehicle on a long board and handed into the care of North West Ambulance Service before being taken to hospital.

Fire crews left the scene at 6.53pm.