One person released from vehicle, Rainford, St Helens


Location: Rainford Bypass, St Helens

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service was called to the Rainford Bypass, St Helens, on Wednesday 23rd June following a collision.

Crews were called at 1.20pm. Two fire engines attended as well as the search and rescue team.Merseyside Police and North West Ambulance Service also attended.

On arrival crews found two vehicles had been involved in a collision at the junction of Mill Lane and the bypass.

One person was trapped inside one of the vehicles. All other occupants of the vehicles were out when crews arrived.

Crews removed the roof of the vehicle in order to release the person and hand them into the care of waiting paramedics. They have been taken to hospital for further treatment.

Three other people were assessed at the scene by paramedics.

Fire crews left the scene at 2.46pm.