Person freed from car after collision, Kirkdale


Location: Commercial Road, Sandhills Lane, Kirkdale, Liverpo

Firefighters attended a road traffic collision on Commercial Road in Kirkdale on Tuesday, 17th March.

Crews were alerted at 9.38am and on scene at 9.41am. Two fire engines attended as well as the search and rescue appliance.

On arrival, crews found two vehicles - a light goods vehicle and a car - had been in collision.

One person was medically trapped in a car.

Firefighters used cutting equipment to carry out a full roof removal on the vehicle, allowing the casualty to be removed using a longboard and scoop.

The person was then handed into the care of North West Ambulance Service and taken to hospital for further assessment.

Crews also used a hose reel jet during the incident.

Police were also called to the scene to close the road.

Crews left the scene at 11.03am.