Person rescued from house fire in Bootle


Location: Bailey Drive, Southport Road, Bootle

Firefighters attended a house fire in Bailey Drive, Bootle, on Saturday 28th September.

Crews were alerted at 0.56am and on scene at 1.03am. Three fire engines attended.

Firefighters rescued one person and extinguished a fire, which started in a rear living room and is thought to have been caused by discarded smoking materials.

One person, who was uninjured but suffering from smoke inhalation, was taken by ambulance to hospital for further assessment.

Crews left the scene at 1.48am.

In January, prevention staff provided the Bailey Drive resident with a metal bin for disposing of smoking materials and it is thought that this bin, though severely damaged, contained the fire for much longer than a standard bin would have.

MFRS Group Manager for Prevention, Mark Thomas, said: "I am in no doubt that this was a potentially fatal fire.

"The actions of prevention staff eight months ago combined with those of operational staff at the scene yesterday - and quick-acting neighbours - resulted in a successful rescue and limited damage.

"I would like to thank all staff and neighbours who contributed to this positive outcome by playing a part in preventing what could have been a tragic incident."