Ship fire, Canada Dock, Kirkdale


Location: Canada Dock, Kirkdale

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service are currently in attendance at a ship fire at Canada Dock, Kirkdale, Liverpool.

Crews were alerted a little before 10 to 8 and 3 fire engines along with the search and rescue team were on scene soon after.

This is one ship containing scrap on fire. The incident has been sectorised and crews are establishing open water supplies while liaising with ship representatives.

The ship’s crew are setting up CO2 suppressant to contain the fire. A further two fire engines have been requested for additional personnel.

UPDATE 12.00pm
The ship involved is a bulk out carrier, docked in West Canada Dock.

A tactical plan and open water supply has been established. Next steps have been determined following the succession of CO2 deployment and as a result, two fire engines are being released from scene with a relief crew required.

Following a multi-agency meeting with the ship staff at scene, staff on board are to carry out temperature checks at regular intervals. This incident is now being scaled down but is ongoing.