Fire Safety in flats

We are working with housing providers and local authorities to ensure the right safety advice is in place in every residential tower block in Merseyside.

It is important for your own safety to understand what to do in the event of a fire, whether it’s in your flat or somewhere else in the building.

You are not at greater risk of a fire starting if you live in a high-rise building.

  • Have at least one smoke alarm fitted and test it regularly
  • Plan what to do if there is a fire 
  • Understand the evacuation plan for the building. This is normally displayed in the communal areas, alternatively, contact the building management company for information

What to do if a fire breaks out

In your flat:

  • If there is a fire in your flat, alert all the people in your flat and leave, closing doors behind you
  • Follow the evacuation plan for your building
  • Always use stairs, not the lift and call 999 as soon as you are in a safe place
  • If your planned escape route is too dangerous because stairs and hallways are full of smoke, call 999 and stay in the safest room - keep doors closed and use towels or bedding to block the smoke at the bottom of the door
  • If there is a fire in another part of the building, you should observe and follow the advice in the building evacuation plan
  • Don’t go back into the building until the fire & rescue service says it is safe to do so

If there is a fire, never assume that someone else has called 999 - make the call yourself 

In any other flat in the building:

  • Purpose-built blocks of flats are designed to keep you safe if a fire breaks out elsewhere in the building. Fire walls, floors and doors stop the spread of fire by up to an hour
  • If there is a fire in another part of the building, it will normally be safest for you to stay in your flat, however, you are free to leave the building if you feel unsafe or your flat is affected by heat or smoke
  • Some buildings may have interim measures in place to support a temporary simultaneous evacuation. In this instance you should follow the evacuation strategy determined by your building manager
  • If a member of the fire & rescue service tells you to leave the building, you should do so immediately
  • Always use the stairs to get out of the building

If you are cut off by fire:

  • If your escape route is blocked by fire or smoke, stay inside the safest room with a window that opens and ring 999
  • Keep the door closed and use towels or bedding at the bottom of the door to block the smoke
  • If you are trapped, go to the balcony or window so that you can be seen - but don’t jump
  • Wait to be rescued by a firefighter

For more information on Home Fire Safety follow this link