Cost of Living

As the cost of living crisis continues to rise, many people will be looking for alternative ways to heat their homes, opening themselves up to dangers and greater risk of fire in the home.

During the last three months of 2021 in England alone, there were 99 fire-related fatalities, with 76 of these happening in homes. This compares to 54 in the same quarter the year before – a 41% rise.

Accidental fires in the home caused by candles in 2021/22 totalled 940 across England – the highest recorded in more than 10 years. Around a third of these fires resulted in death or injury.

MFRS is concerned these figures could rise as many people understandably look at ways to deal with rising costs. Fire prevention in the home is now more important than ever. 

Follow the safety advice on the below pages to make sure your home heating methods don’t risk a fire.

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