Tanker Firefighting

Under the new STCW2010 requirements for training and certification, tanker firefighting operations has come into operation.

To complete this course, you must be a seafarer who has an STCW Fire Prevention and Firefighting Certificate, or be in the process of completing it.

Assessment will be in the form of oral questioning and group work and a final written exam.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, the candidate will be able to carry out firefighting operations on board tankers.

  • They will be able to describe typical tanker fire response and firefighting organisation and procedures
  • Identify the special hazards associated with cargo handling and transportation of hazardous and noxious liquids and liquefied gases in bulk
  • Carry out the initial actions on discovering a fire
  • Describe the correct firefighting agents used to extinguish oil, chemical and liquefied gas fires
  • Describe the use of fixed deck firefighting equipment including dry powder and foam
  • Demonstrate as a team member use of the deck foam monitor and use of a deck dry power installation
  • Demonstrate and use portable firefighting foam equipment
  • Demonstrate spill containment in relation to firefighting operations

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