Driver Training

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service strives to ensure its drivers and special appliance operators are trained to a high standard and is committed to the prevention of injury, loss or damage from work related driving incidents. Personnel from across the Organisation are able to access the appropriate courses aligned to their role, and on successful completion are required to return to the Driving School at predetermined intervals in order to demonstrate continued competence.

Courses within this area include:

  • Light Vehicle Validation - an initial assessment and validation of driving by our DSA Delegated Examiner, under the Health and Safety Management of Road Risk, any personnel required to drive service vehicles has to undergo this formal assessment.
  • Trailer Towing Course (B+E) - This course equips the student with the necessary skills and qualification to be able to safely tow and manoeuvre a trailer.
  • Large Goods Vehicle (LGV Cat C and C1) - Successful completion of this course qualifies an individual to be able to safely drive medium and large goods vehicles.
  • Emergency Fire Appliance Driving (EFAD) - This course enables personnel to safely drive fire engines and other specialised vehicles under blue light emergency response conditions.
  • Emergency Fire Appliance Driver Refresher - This 3 yearly course enables our drivers to demonstrate continued emergency driving competence.
  • Emergency Light Vehicle Driving (ELVD) - Successful completion of this course enables an individual to be able to respond to emergencies under blue light conditions. The course is primarily designed for: 1) Flexible duty supervisory Officers required to respond to emergency calls in their motor cars. 2) For other personnel required to respond to emergency calls using light vehicles.
  • PCV (D1) - Course and DSA test to enable personnel to drive minibuses of between 9 and 16 passenger seats.
  • Arial Appliance Operator - We train students to drive and operate various high reaching appliances such as CPL and CPP
  • Multi Lift Demountable POD Driver/Operator Course - This course is provided for individuals who are required to operate specialist vehicles with a demountable multi - lift capability.
  • Fork Lift Truck - This course provides industry standard training to safely operate fork lift trucks.
  • Commercial courses

The Driving School has a team of DSA qualified instructors with extensive experience. It provides technical and practical training, ensuring the courses evolve and reflect individual and organisational needs.

For more information or advice please contact the TDA on 0151 296 5000