Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP)

Integrated Risk Management Plan

What is Integrated Risk Management?

'Integrated Risk Management' is the development of a balanced approach by the Fire and Rescue Service to reducing risk within the community.

This is achieved by combining prevention, protection and emergency response, on a risk-assessed basis in order to improve the safety of the community and also create a safer working environment for fire-fighters.

IRMP Supplement 2019 - 2021

This supplement to our 2017-20 Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) takes account of risk, demand and vulnerability changes that have occurred since our IRMP was first published in April 2017.

Since then a number of significant national and international incidents have occurred. These incidents combined with changes to the city region infrastructure and the initial findings of Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) have quite rightly given the Authority cause to review the suitability of its plans to ensure that they are still fit for purpose.

The supplement also includes new proposals which have emerged since the plan was first approved.

The supplement to the original plan ensures that the Authority complies with the requirements placed on it to assess all foreseeable fire and rescue related risks that could affect its communities, whether they are local, cross-border, multi-authority and/ or national in nature, from fires to terrorist attacks.

We consulted extensively with the public and other stakeholders when we developed the 2017-20 IRMP and we have reconsidered the outcomes of that consultation as we have written this supplement.

During 2016/17 stakeholders told us that they would:

  • prefer us to keep stations open using different duty systems than close stations
  • like us to maintain a standard 10 minute response to all Life Risk Incidents across Merseyside rather than have some areas fall outside of that standard
  • prefer us to use wholetime (full time) firefighters to protect its communities rather than retained firefighters
  • like us to secure a long term solution which protects staff moving forward
  • wish us to avoid compulsory redundancy
  • want performance against the response standard to be a determining factor when implementing change
  • expect us to resource to meet the demands placed on the Service
  • expect us to maximise our productivity to protect the public
  • like us to keep prevention at the forefront of our work
  • support our proposals to respond 'along with' NWAS to Cardiac Arrest incidents
  • like to see blue light collaboration not integration
  • understand the need to deliver a balanced budget in line with our medium term financial plan

We consulted on this supplement between 14th March and 6th June 2019. Previous public consultation indicated that people valued our emergency response; so we have carried out analysis and research to create new proposals that we believe will improve upon what we originally planned.

But people also wanted us to maintain a focus on our communities and make sure that we work in a way that is safe for our staff and for the public of Merseyside.

Full details of the consultation outcomes are available by emailing

View the 2019-21 Supplement to the Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP).