Breno, Operational Firefighter Apprentice

Prior to becoming an operational firefighter, Breno worked in customer services for an airline. He passed out as an operational firefighter in December 2020 and is now completing his Level 3 apprenticeship whilst stationed at Wallasey Community Fire Station.

I wanted a challenging career where I would be able to help people within the community. I was looking for something that I would be proud of and happy to be doing. After looking at the role of a firefighter and attending a Have A Go Day with MFRS, I could see that it was definitely what I wanted.

When I started researching about the role of a firefighter and how to become one, I realised the positive impact MFRS has on the community I am part of - that is the main reason I joined.

The best thing about being a firefighter is that our days are never the same and we never know what jobs we may end up doing. All the training and continuous learning is also something I like as we are always investing in making ourselves better.

The training course was very challenging but a great experience. I feel I have not only acquired the new skills required to be a firefighter, but also learnt a lot about myself.

The way the apprenticeship is divided into stages makes it easier to monitor my own development and make sure I reach the requested standard on time. Also, management and colleagues are aware of the standards expected from us and are always keen to help with our development.