Ryan, Facilities Management Apprentice

Ryan started his current apprenticeship within Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service's (MFRS) Estates Team in February 2019, having previously completed a Business Administration apprenticeship with MFRS. 

I opted for an apprenticeship because I wasn't set on going to university as I didn't have a career in mind at the time. An apprenticeship can give you skills and knowledge that you might not get from going to university and by earning a wage at the same time, it seemed like the right path for me to follow.

Being an apprentice at MFRS is enjoyable. It is a good opportunity to learn new skills whilst also earning a wage at the same time. You meet many different people from all different departments and it has helped me become more confident as a person. I have gained many new skills during my time as an apprentice and continue to do so as I progress further and gain new duties. I have learnt much more about the Service that has helped me progress in my work and will provide me with information that can help me in my future.

With the amount of apprentices within MFRS, there are people who are in the same situation as you at a similar age, which helps ease you into a possible big jump from education and employment. 

Everyone is very supportive of me doing an apprenticeship as they know the benefits I will gain from it in my future career aspirations, and from the qualifications I will be getting at the end. They know that it has helped my personal development and will continue to do so.