What can I do if the Audit Committee decides, at first not to uphold and take no further action on my complaint?

You are entitled to request an appeal of a decision of the Audit Committee to take no further action after giving initial consideration to your complaint. A decision by the Audit Committee to take no further action is the ONLY decision about which you can request an appeal.

If you wish to request an appeal you MUST do this IN WRITING not more than twenty working days after the date of the notice provided to you notifying you of the initial decision to take no further action.

Any appeal request complying with this will be carried out by the Appeals Committee of the Authority made up of different Members to those on the Audit Committee who made the initial decision. The appeal MUST be undertaken within a maximum of three months from the date of receiving the request, although the Authority will aim to complete the appeal within an average of twenty working days.

In considering a valid appeal request, the Appeals Committee will apply the same initial tests and assessment criteria as set out in Section 8 of this guide and will have available to it the same decisions as are available to the Audit Committee (see Section 7 of this guide) EXCEPT that there will be no further right of appeal in the event of the Appeals Committee deciding that no further action should be taken.