Who and what can I complain about?

You can only use this complaints procedure to complain that a Member may have failed to follow the Authority’s approved Members’ Code of Conduct. Please remember that a “Member” is an elected councillor appointed to the Authority by one of its constituent authorities (Liverpool City Council and the Metropolitan Borough Councils of Knowsley, Sefton, St. Helens and Wirral).

The Code of Conduct is available on our website and any complaint must be related to an aspect of this Code.

What CANNOT be dealt with under this procedure

This procedure cannot be used for:

  •  Complaints where a Member is not named;
  •  Complaints that are NOT in writing;
  •  Incidents or actions that are not covered by the Authority’s approved Members’ Code of Conduct (e.g. that the complaint concerns acts carried out in the Member’s private life UNLESS, in certain circumstances, the act constitutes a criminal offence for which the Member has been convicted);
  •  Incidents that are about a fault in the way the Authority has or has not done something. This is known as maladministration and may be a matter for the Local Government Ombudsman;
  • Complaints about people employed by this Authority. There is a separate procedure for complaints against employees, which can be found on our website. 
  •  incidents that happened before OR after the person complained of was a Member of the Authority;
  •  complaints about the way in which the Authority conducts and records its meetings.